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The Therapy Sessions
Friday, July 30, 2004

The speech

According to all the talking heads, Kerry didn't exactly hit one out of the park, but he got a good strong base hit:'Help is on the way,' Kerry tells middle class.

Just what his fans were hoping for! A good, strong OK. He did alright. Just enough, the pundits say.

Because the pundits all know just how far a liberal has to go to convince dumb American voters that he has really been a moderate all along, one who is prepared to keep the country safe from terrorists who will soon have the ability to kill millions of people.

If only there wasn't that Senate voting record! The cancelled weapons programs, defunding soldiers in the middle of a war, or the vote against the original Gulf War.

Or sheesh, the support for the nuclear freeze - the biggest bong dream of the last 30 years.

No, he's a moderate. Yeah. Moderate. Got it.

As for the speech, it's all meaningless.

Michael Dukakis, the famed orator and mercurial intellectual, slugged the ball out of the park in 1988, a rhetorical gland slam. He left his convention leading in the polls by 17 points. He lost in a landslide when November rolled around. So much for the importance of the convention speech.

Does anybody see Kerry leaving Boston up by 17 points?

I see a tiny bounce if anything at all.

From here on out, the focus will be on Kerry, not Bush.

This guy is not prepared for the exposure.

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