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The Therapy Sessions
Monday, August 02, 2004

An idiot who's right, or an intellectual who's wrong?


The chimp-faced idiot managed to read from his cue cards recently, raving on about his ridiculous security fears. It looks different in print; you can't hear him stumble over words, and you can't see that feigned earnesty in his eyes. But still, his words reveal his dreadful ignorance of the real problems that America faces: job outsourcing, low education funding and access to health care.

Here, he tries to explain the ridiculous reasoning that led his doofus mind into thinking that Iraq (of all countries!) might possess very dangerous weapons:
After September the 11th, we had to look at the threats in a new light. One of the lessons of September the 11th is we must deal with threats before they fully materialize.

The September the 11th commission concluded that our institutions of government had failed to imagine the horror of that day. After September the 11th, we cannot fail to imagine that a brutal tyrant, who hated America, who had ties to terror, had weapons of mass destruction and might use those weapons or share his deadly capability with terrorists was not a threat.

We looked at the intelligence. We saw a threat. Members of the United States Congress from both political parties, including my opponent, looked at the intelligence and they saw a threat.

We went to the United Nations, which unanimously demanded a full accounting of Saddam Hussein's weapons programs or face serious consequences. After 12 years of defiance, he refused to comply with the demands of the free world.

When he continued to deceive the weapons inspectors, I had a decision to make: to hope for the best and to trust the word of a madman and a tyrant, or remember the lessons of September the 11th and defend our country.

Given that choice, I will defend America every time.

In short, I was a stupid paranoid idiot. I overreacted, and I will do it again next time.

As Teddy Kennedy so eloquently put it: "The only thing we have to fear is four more years of George Bush!"

Yes Teddy. That is the ONLY thing we have to fear.


I will be faced with the same choice I had in 2000:

Then, it was the intellectual Al Gore (who acutally failed out of divinity school)telling me things I knew were simply wrong. This guy was actually trying to tell me there was a "lock box" somewhere containing the trillions of dollars of Social Security revenue, and he was going to protect it from the Republicans, who wanted to give it to their corporate buddies (Gore was using a clever rhetorical devices, his aides explained, but his central message was there was no need to reform Social Security - hee hee!). He insisted that America was being overrun by evil corporations, the very corporations that had created all the jobs that he said HE was proud of creating. And he said that government, which had taken in more tax money than it spent, was just going to spend more: you know, sorry about the error but we are going to buy some voters!)

And there was this guy from Crawford Texas who was as dumb as a post, but he didn't try to insult MY intelligence by telling me such blatant falsehoods.

For me, it came down to this:

Would you rather have an idiot who's right?

Or an "intellectual" who is wrong?

In 2004, I have the intellectual Kerry telling me that he is really worried about outsourcing and education.

And the idiot believes that there are people in the world who have an intense desire - and will soon have the means - to kill millions of Americans. He says that is an overriding concern.


Thanks to the New England Republican, where I first saw the excerpts of Bush's speech.

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