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The Therapy Sessions
Friday, August 13, 2004

Iranian belligerence

Dale Franks at QandO does an excellent job exposing European diplomacy at work. The scary Iranians, driven by religious fanaticism, are building nuclear weapons that will someday be used to kill millions of people. The Europeans are attempting to get the Iranians to stop, by telling that although Europe looks like a cute and harmless little bunny, it has really sharp teeth - somewhere. The Iranians aren't buying it:
So, essentially, the meeting went like this:

Euros: You must stop developing nuclear technology.

Iran: OK, number one, screw you. Number two, give us your nuclear technology. Here's a list of what we'll need. Now, get out.

The Euros aren't gonna take this sitting down, though. Even as we speak, they are preparing to slap the Iranians with a very strongly worded note.

You gotta hand it to those Europeans, boy. When they take charge of something, it gets done, huh?

I'll bet Lord Kitchener is spinning in his grave like a machine lathe.

And the pitiful thing is this: this parody is pretty much how it really happened.

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