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The Therapy Sessions
Friday, August 20, 2004

Is Kofi high?

Annan: Attack won't end work
GENEVA - The bombing that wrecked U.N. offices in Baghdad and killed 22 colleagues a year ago was agony for the United Nations, but terrorist threats won't deter it from helping the victims of conflict, Secretary-General Kofi Annan said yesterday at a memorial.

"I lost 22 wonderful, talented friends and colleagues whom I had sent to Iraq," he said of the attack, which stunned U.N. employees and set off wrangling within the world body over its security failings.

"We will long feel the pain of the trauma we have all been through," he said. "But our belief in the cause of peace is undiminished, our sense of mission is intact, and our work goes on."

Uhh, Kofi: The attack did end your work. The UN practically packed its bags and left Iraq the next day. Does the UN ever judge itself by results instead of rhetoric?

You see the same old crap today in Darfur, as Kofi really lets the mass murdering bastards have it, elevating his "stern criticism" to a powerfully worded "condemnations."

That is the UN's "work," and it never ends. Unfortunately, it's all on paper in New York.

If Darfur is going to be solved, it will have to be dealt with like Kosovo was: a big brash coalition of nations, acting unilaterally, without a UN mandate.

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