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The Therapy Sessions
Monday, August 02, 2004

More Bush Administration paranoia

Border Security Gaps Worry U.S. Officials:
July 30, 2004 — The U.S. government has become increasingly concerned that al Qaeda might try to exploit security gaps at the nation's borders, especially the Mexican border, ABC News has learned.

Concerns about border security were highlighted on July 19, when officials at McAllen-Miller International Airport in southern Texas arrested a woman suspected of having ties to al Qaeda.

Farida Goolam Mohamed, who had an airplane ticket to New York, was stopped when a Border Patrol agent noticed several pages of her South African passport had been removed. Officials also said her clothing was dirty and muddy, suggesting she might have recently crossed the nearby Rio Grande, the river separating Mexico and Texas.

There has to be some kind innocent explanation for this. An attack on New York? Why would anyone want to do that?

Farida Goolam Mohamed? With a name like that, she must a Presbyterian.

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