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The Therapy Sessions
Monday, August 02, 2004

More educational nonsense

According to Parade Magazine:
High speed internet access is the most important educational advantage you can give to your child.


This is a little like saying if you want you kid to be a great woodworker, the most important advantage he can have is a hammer.

The most important educational advantage you can give your child is a love of reading and books. Young children need to be read to frequently. Older children need to be told to turn off the TV (It is often in boredom that kids pick up books, or at least that was how it worked for me).

Good old fashioned novels open up the imagination and teach kids to dream. Books give children a dialogue with great minds that you can't easily get (or distinguish) on the web.

Technology won't make a disinterested kid smart. Interest is fueled by a imagination.

Imagination has no web address.

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