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The Therapy Sessions
Monday, September 13, 2004

North Korean nuclear blast?

North Korea has said a large mushroom cloud seen over the nation in satellite images was the result of a deliberate demolition of a mountain for a power plant.

Uhhh huh.

Colin Powell says it wasn't nuclear test. I assume we have spy planes taking air samples for traces of radioactivity, and I hope he's right.

But I'm a little suspicious about the timing: the explosion took place at precisely 11:00 am on the day celebrating the founding of Kim Jong Il's silly government.

That doesn't sound like the day to be doing some routine demolition work for a hydroelectirc plant.

In order to prove that he is an idiot, John Kerry says that only if Bush had negiotiated with North Korea they would have given up their nuclear ambitions.

Jimmy Carter already tried that, and the North Koreans just cheated.

A clue to the liberals: there are evil people in the world. These people see the acquisition of nuclear weapons, with their ability to deter attack and inspire fear, as a more satisfying reward than thousands of tons of free grain and fuel oil.

North Korea, Iran and eventually terrorists are going to get nuclear weapons one day, and there is damn little we can do to prevent it.

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