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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, November 11, 2004

But other than all that....

Jon Henke:
Michael Kinsley's horse ain't high enough to write this: "...at least my values - as deplorable as I'm sure they are - don't involve any direct imposition on you."

Noble of him, isn't it? And--except for...

...the 'higher taxes' thing.

...and the welfare state.

...and socialized health care.

...and increased regulation.

...and the entire litany of newly discovered rights labor priveleges.

...and gun control.

...and campaign finance reform

...and trade protectionism.

...and minimum wage laws.

......Kinsley is absolutely right. Why, they're positively libertarian, that Democratic Party!

The Left is going on a 'don't impose your values on me' binge right now, and the irony does not seem to have sunk in.

Very well put.

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