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The Therapy Sessions
Friday, November 12, 2004

Clever poem

I'm glad to see that some are tempering their post-election disappointment with humor:
The election is over,
the results are now known.
The will of the people
has clearly been shown.
We should show by our thoughts
and our words and our deeds
That unity is just what our country now needs.
Let's all get together.
Let bitterness pass.
I'll hug your elephant.
You kiss my ass.

That is pretty good.

First seen at Mixbag of Musings.

Some aren't taking it as well, and they have worried themselves sick:
Leftist Demorrhagic Fever

Leftist Demorrhagic fever (DF) is a severe, often psychosis inducing disease in humans and nonhuman primates (monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees) that has appeared sporadically since its initial recognition in 1980 (shortly after the election of President Reagan) and has since reached epidemic proportions following the 2000/2004 elections.
The disease is caused by infection with the DF virus, named after a fever swamp in the People's Republic of San Francisco in California, where it was first recognized. The virus is one of two members of a family of RNA viruses called the Leftoviridae. There are four identified subtypes of DF virus in the United States. Three of the four have caused disease in humans: DF-Berkeley, DF-Hollywood, and DF-Miami-Dade. The fourth, DF-MSM, has caused disease in nonhuman primates, but not in humans (who somehow seem immune due to constant exposure to this strain).

From S. Michael Moore at FukiBlog, by way of Old Whig.

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