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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, November 11, 2004

European resurgence?

Hope for Europe?:
We still live in a world in which resources are limited, we have to work hard to have our share of them, we need the support of a family and we need the old traditional virtues that had been too easily dismissed. Americans have become aware of this state of affairs sooner than Europeans. This is another explanation of the difference between the two sides of the Atlantic. But we can expect also in Europe a change of attitudes within a comparatively short period of time. Our struggling economy and ageing society can survive and be modernized only if we recover at least some of the values of the past--among them the ethics of hardworking and caring fathers and mothers.

The first step in getting out of a morass is to realize that you are in one. Europe must change course - and soon - or it faces economic ruin.

I hope it can. As annoying as the Europeans have been recently - the spineless pacifism, the bizarre faith in negiotiations with dictators (can Europe really be so ignorant of its own history?), the smug sense of moral and intellectual superiority -it is still important to see Europe for the role that it COULD play in making the world more peaceful and more free.

European economic decline is no occasion for American gloating. It will - if it continues - aid fascism throughout the world.

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