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The Therapy Sessions
Tuesday, November 02, 2004

A loser

State high court agrees to hear foul-ball case
Who is responsible when a baseball fan is struck by a foul ball during a game?

The New Jersey Supreme Court will consider that question in the coming months as it decides a lawsuit by a spectator who was beaned while buying a beer at Riverfront Stadium in Newark.

The case could affect sports events across the state, requiring the building of more protective barriers, attorneys for the Newark Bears minor-league baseball team said.

It could also drive up the cost of liability insurance for teams, from Little League to major league, the lawyers said.

Louis Maisonave of Newark was struck by a baseball Aug. 26, 1999, and sued the Bears, who lease Riverfront Stadium, and Gourmet Dining Services of South Orange, N.J., the ballpark's concessionaire.

What a jerk.

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