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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, November 04, 2004

Those unlikely voters

From The Illuminated Donkey:
Zogby Final National Poll of 2,836 Unlikely Voters.

18%: Planning to Register Any Day Now
17%: The Guy on the TeeVee
14%: The Other Guy..You Know...Him
13%: Shit, You Think I Wanna Get Called for Jury Duty?
9%: Yeah, Right, Like I'm Spending My Day Off in a High-School Cafeteria
8%: Not Bothering Until I Can Vote by Phone, Like for American Idol
8%: Curious to See If P. Diddy Will Carry Through on His Threat
6%: Wait a Minute...This Tuesday? You Sure?
4%: Heads
3%: Tails

Margin of Sampling Error: +/- 35%

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