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The Therapy Sessions
Friday, December 03, 2004


Subtle Savant

"As a passed through the foyer by the stairs, I slowly noticed....

'hey, there's a lot of white people here...they're all dressed up? Why is there a dinner buffet? Is that a live band? Oooh, open bar.'

I then proceeded to the bar and helped myself to a glass of wine. And another. And another. Just as I was congratulating myself for having travelled amongst the Greenville elite long enough to grab some free snacks and drink, a woman in a really boss suit walks up to me. A really, nice intimidating suit.

'You're here with....?' She purred, really asking who the hell I was and why I was there. In my defense, the art department hosts art shows frequently, usually with free food floating around. I've gotten used to grabbing a little plate and a bit of drink as I pass through receptions.

'I'm with the community steering board. You must be Cheryl, we meet last time.' She walked off, after a few akward minitues of pretending to remember me.

Thank god for silly suited women who forget that they're wearing nametags.And open bars.

I have no idea what a community steering board is, or whether or not one exists in Greenville.

I grabbed one more glass of white and got the hell out of there."

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