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The Therapy Sessions
Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Yasir gives all for peace

A Year for Witches:
Before death tardily overtook another dispenser of death, Yasir Arafat, he received a letter from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - well, of animals other than people - asking him to stop using donkeys in suicide bombings. It was said that the death of this winner of the Nobel Peace Prize might make peace possible.

I don't know which looks worse:

The Nobel Peace Prize Committee, for giving this murderer a "peace" prize...


Yasir Arafat, whose death has done more for peace in Middle East than decades of on-again-off-again negotiating.

But all this noise about peace in the Middle East is truly a waste of time.

The central problem with the Palestinians has not changed: by large majorities, Palestinians continue to believe that Israel - 8 million, well-armed and motivated Jews living next door - has no right to exist.

Unless they have a massive change of heart, there will be no peace.

It is a simple as that.

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