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The Therapy Sessions
Friday, January 14, 2005

Health nazis

From Tom Carter:
I guess pretty soon we'll have new shows on TV about the courageous Anti-Smoking Squads that patrol our bars and restaurants. Something like 'ASS: New York' and 'ASS: LA' seems likely. I, for one, am glad to see our politicians, cops, and prosecutors finally get their priorities straight. I wonder, though, if you're attacked by crackhead gang bangers outside your favorite bar or restaurant, will the ASS guys interfere? I would hope not. They belong inside, where the real criminals are, instead of outside, where poor misunderstood 'youts' are just expressing their justifiable rage against centuries of oppression.

I agree.

Strange times we are living in. I'm not a smoker but....damn these health nazis!

Bars should be able to decide for themselves whether they will be smoking or non-smoking.

Is that so complicated?

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