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The Therapy Sessions
Saturday, January 08, 2005

The importance of political seriousness

What political genius thought this up? Lawmakers Dispute Electoral College Results

Let's make sure we look like sore losers! Let's engage in utterly futile, certain-to-fail temper tantrum that will make us look unserious in front of America, and embarrass some of the Americans who voted for us.

These people are actually going to make Bush look the responsible adult (he does not deserve such credit) by their infantile displays.

I don't consider the Democrats to be out of things, but images matter. They should be sobered by their defeat in November, not enraged by it. Their attitude should be "the people spoke and it is time for us to get back to work." They should consider the proposals that the Republican majorities are putting forward - giving at least the appearence of deep thought. When possible, they should give the appearance of being cooperative (perhaps linking the establishment of independent saving accounts to a hike in the payroll tax income limit). A "take what you can get now" approach would reflect some confidence in their own ideals, and a confidence that they will eventually be rewarded at the polls.

Right now, they seem to be embarking on obstructionsim in places where the country has major problems: insisting that there is nothing wrong with Social Security, Medicare, the educational establishment, our tax system, our trial lawyers...these are conservative positions: conservative in the sense that they don't want to change anything.

Since those problems are real and will not go away, the Democrats are setting themselves up for a fall.

I think they know this. Hence, a temper tantrum.

Doesn't this country deserve a more serious Democratic Party?

The party of Daniel Patrick Moniyhan and Joseph Lieberman can win elections. The party of Ted Kennedy and Al Sharpton can't.

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