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The Therapy Sessions
Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Silly people

Listening to NPR again...

I heard from a homeowner whose house was destroyed by a mudslide ten years ago complaining. You see, he moved out of his shattered house to a new house across the street. It was destroyed by another mudslide two weeks ago. He was angry, he said, because the government was unwilling to do the things that he said would make his two homes safe...


I can imagine being in a similar predicament.

I find a nice house on beautiful land in my price range....WOW!

But then the realtor beigns a sentence with "But...."

But what?

"There is a serious chance in the next decade a serious landslide will destroy the house and kill your family.

But - on the bright side - maybe the government will build a retaining wall or something!"

Hmmm, let's see: I would think that's a dealbreaker right there.

Apparently there are people that don't see it that way.

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