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The Therapy Sessions
Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Looney blogs

Ahh, the looney blogs of the idiot left.

I'm not talking about the occasional lefty blogger who wants to rationally argue that the Iraq War will make terrorism worse. I'm talking about the real crackpots: the people who believe George Bush is working with the CIA to make America into a police state that will attempt to rule the world as an imperialist hegemonster puppet of the corporations...yadda yadda.

They are a treasure. Like a cross between Mother Jones and the Weekly World News.

I love to screw with 'em.

I go into their comments:

"This is a message from Special Agent Seutonius X of the resistance.

Well done, blogger, you have seen through the haze of the government fog machine and uncovered the truth that your government doesn't want you to know.


The resistance will be broadcasting a message to all truthseekers out there.

Today. At 10:00 AM sharp.

In order to receive this message, you must fashion a hat out of tin foil. Place the hat firmly on your head. Stand in the middle of an open field and spin in circles until you have received the full text of the message.

Remember, this is important, because Bush = Hitler.

We need people like you.

Thank You,

Special Agent Seutonius X

P.S. Fuck Bush."

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