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The Therapy Sessions
Monday, February 07, 2005

New levels in spinelessness

Oh my: The Dutch are afraid to flay their flag in their own country.

It might offend somebody:
Cals College in IJsselstein has prohibited two of it's students to have Dutch flags on their bags.

The 16 year old boy and his friend where told by the director of their school that they "urgently should consider" to remove the Dutch flags from their bags, it could provoke other students, mainly Moroccan students.

My goodness! I thought that Dutch had learned something from the murder of Fundamentalist Muslim critic and film-maker Theo Van Gogh.

Or at least I hoped they had.

If the Dutch don't stand up for who they are, somebody will define who they are for them.

This postvetebrate Dutch culture is fertile ground for tyranny, and the agents of that tyranny are already there - clearly showing more self confidence and pride than the Dutch dare to exhibit: no one thinks of banning the Morrocan or Algerian flags, worn proudly by Muslim students.

I feel like I'm watching a horror movie unfolding. An innocent sweet young heroine has just done something really stupid and has wondered off by herself.

The sinister music has started.

Holland! Go back! Go back!

Jesus people! Grow a pair!

Story via Kim du Toit.

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