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The Therapy Sessions
Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Definitely not suspicious

Ukraine's Security Chief Says Ex-Official Killed Himself
The chief of Ukraine's security service said Saturday that the country's former interior minister, Yuri F. Kravchenko, had shot himself twice in the head on Friday, refuting speculation that he had been killed by someone else.

The official announcement and a note found in Mr. Kravchenko's pocket, the security chief added, left little doubt that Mr. Kravchenko had committed suicide.

Yes. Little doubt.

And just in case someone wnats to argue that it was a suicide with a weapon on full automatic, the rest of the story includes this tidbit:
Mr. Kravchenko went into a shed and fired two shots with a pistol registered to him. The first shot went through his chin and out his mouth, Mr. Turchinov said. The second bullet entered his right temple.

Yes, those crack Ukranian police are looking an obvious suicide.

(Article pointed to on Best of the Web)

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