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The Therapy Sessions
Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Come on people!The "Gannon-Guckert" affair (i.e. Gannongate)???!

In a conciliatory move, I will concede all of the breathless accusations currently being made by hyperventilating moonbats.

I will assume that each of these is solid gold truth:

1. Bush personally knew Mr. Gannon-Guckert, and knew his work. Bush's friends - at Bush's behest - funded Talon News, Gannon's former employer.

2. Bush personally got Mr. Gannon-Guckert the credentials he needed to get into the White House press room. (Although, for a man with the president's "pull," a few one-day passes seems a little skimpy - I mean, he is the friggin' President!)

3. Bush personally wrote the softball question that Gannon-Guckert asked. (That is a stretch - I mean, everyone knows that Bush is illiterate!)

4. Bush knew that Gannon was running a gay porn website under a pseudonym, and he looked the other way.(Why he should have exposed the faggo..t...I mean, gay weirdo!)

I will concede every one of these and I will consider them to be facts.

Now, where is the CRIME?

At the worst, you have Bush exposed as a guy who was not above a cheap trick to get his message out, and that - if those accusations could be proven - makes him look a little slimy.

A slimy politician? Who knew?

But chances are good that those accusations will not proven.(...Bummer, Dude...)

I'll be the first to acknowledge that the Republicans went INSANE in Clinton's second term.

There were the standard accusations of philandering and hush money.

But - in addition - the Clintons also stood accused of: insider trading, murder (Ron Brown, Vince Foster), influence peddling, conspiracy ...even treason!

Nothing came of (most of) those accusations because there was little evidence for them.

But at least they were CRIMES.

The pathetic thing about so-called "Gannongate" is that we know nothing will come of it even before we know the details.

That qualifies it as a waste of time.

And energy.

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