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The Therapy Sessions
Friday, July 15, 2005

Kyoto costs

Gotta love Tim Blair:
New Zealand's trustworthy treasury says the government's Kyoto Kaper will cost the pacifist islands only $303 million, although other estimates put the eventual cost at anywhere between $500 million to $1.2 billion. That's for a population of just four million. If similar debts were incurred by Australia and the US, we'd be looking - based on relative population size - at these remarkable figures:

NZ: $303 million. Australia: $2.2 billion. US: $22 billion.
NZ: $500 million. Australia: $3.75 billion. US: $37 billion.
NZ: $1.2 billion. Australia: $9 billion. US: $90 billion.

(Most of that cash, by the way, would be sent to Russia, who you might remember from such environmental successes as Chernobyl.) A group of Kiwi industrialists sensibly want the government to ditch its Kyoto policy. An election due later this year, however, may see the government itself ditched.

They should have emulated Europe, which ratified the treaty with great fanfare.

And then ignored the idea of complying with it.

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