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The Therapy Sessions
Friday, September 23, 2005

How government works(?)...

It's not real, but it could be:Iowahawk:
$12 B For New WV Pork Study Center

Morgantown, WV - In a late afternoon voice vote, Congress today approved an emergency supplemental appropriations bill that will fund Gulf Coast recovery efforts, as well as the new $12 billon Robert C. Byrd Center For The Study of Government Waste at West Virginia University.

'The devastation from Hurricane Katrina will cost US taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars, and the new WVU center will help us identify creative approaches to finding cuts in other areas,' said Larry Wright, a spokesman for the bill's chief sponsor, Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV).

Wright said the eight-year construction project for the mountainside center would begin as soon as Congress allocates supplemental funding for the proposed $3 billion, 5,400 foot Robert C. Byrd Memorial Anti-Waste Suspension Bridge To The Robert C. Byrd Center For The Study of Government Waste.

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