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The Therapy Sessions
Sunday, September 25, 2005

Price gouging at Big Fruit

Do you know what the price of blueberries is currently?

I'm seeing about four dollars for about a half cup!

Two months ago, a whole cup was going for two bucks!

A 300% price increase!

It's price gouging!

What's more, it happens every year at this time! And it happens well before winter! You can still pick blueberries in September.

The bosses of Big Fruit get together and decide that their summer profits haven't been enough for them to meet the annual targets that they promised their stockholders, so they jack up prices on hapless consumers!

And it happens every year. We need laws about this fruit gouging! There should be congressional investigations! I want to see the executives of Big Fruit testifying before Congress.

(I should be careful. I might convince somebody. That argument is all a socialist needs...)

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