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The Therapy Sessions
Monday, December 12, 2005

Global warming...

I think stories like this like this are humorous:
MONTREAL -- Tens of thousands of people ignored frigid temperatures Saturday to lead a worldwide day of protest against global warming.

I think it is funny that whenever Al Gore goes on one of his global warming speak-a-thons, the nation is afflicted by record cold frigid temperatures and once-in-a-decade blizzards. It gives me the giggles when I hear otherwise intelligent people say global warming is the cause of dessicating droughts AND soaking rains.

Desertification? Global warming. Devastating hurricanes? Global warming. When the lakes dry up and the soil cracks? Global warming. When the streams turn to rivers and the fields flood?

You guessed it: global warming.

When tsunamis kills hundreds of thousands? No, they didn't say it, but it was on the tips of their tongues.

Regarding global warming: I'm willing to stipulate all these points:

I'll grant that the Earth is getting warmer. Ah, what the hell: I'll ignore the solar and historical data that might indicate temperature change is a regular cyclic phenomena, and I'll allow them to say that humans are the sole cause of this warming trend.

I'll even let you draw your dreadful conclusions about what it all means: rising sea levels and high temperatures that will devastate the globe, destroying our food base and impoverishing us all.

But I'd like to hear somebody explain to India and China that they cannot have cars, gas ovens and electricity because we - their betters - think it is a bad idea. I just have a sneaking feeling that the two billion Indians and Chinese are not going to buy that.

There is no getting around it: every drop of accessible oil will be pumped, every chunk of coal will be mined and every cubic foot of gas will be compressed.

If humans can get it, humans will get it. If we don't do it, then it will be done by others. Cheap, accessible energy is not going to go unused, no matter how cleverly you write your laws.

Anyone care to argue? I thought not.

So let's stop farting (methane is a greenhouse gas!) around with this Kyoto bullshit.

(Story via Everything I Know Is Wrong)

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