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The Therapy Sessions
Friday, May 09, 2003

Bush and Blair have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Hell, I’d vote for them. The Nobel Peace Prize has been an "elect-a-fool" award for years. Once they gave that award to Arafat, they bought the farm in my opinion.

More news about the hilarious side of Kim Jong Il. He is into stage comedies (with mandatory laugh pauses) for his military buddies. He’s a very funny guy! The hair, the pajama uniform, the hilarious threats of nuclear annihiliation!

More humor:"The North Korean government is floating bonds that offer no interest but buyers will get an 'expression of affection' from the communist regime," reports CBS Marketwatch. "The 'People's Life Bonds' offer no interest over the 10-year lifespan, but in the event purchasers win in a related lottery, the winner will be entitled to interest when the bonds are redeemed."

An "expression of affection?" That's rich. But not if you're a triplet! Triplets are dangerous!

Let's tally this up: human rights violations, nuclear threats, bad theater, economic policies that have driven millions to starvation...This sounds like a job for the UN!

But no, they want the US to handle this one.


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