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The Therapy Sessions
Friday, May 09, 2003

This is the kind of story that angers the hell out of me. ACORN is a group that specializes in enacting living wage laws in cities. These laws make the business climate even more expensive, and thus increase unemployment. Businesses cannot prosper when they can’t get (at least some) cheap labor.

High labor costs are just one more reason to pack up and move to the suburbs.

But ACORN is a particularly hard-headed group of people. They know full well that it won't help the cities, and they don't really think that you can legislate prosperity. They just want fairness at all costs.

ACORN, though, after getting these ridiculous laws enacted, calls their lawyers when the laws are enforced. Against them.

After all, they are SPECIAL!

This is the very elitism that I find so offensive about the left today.

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