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The Therapy Sessions
Sunday, June 08, 2003
Amritas has a number of relevant postings on the idea of merit.

It is interesting to note that we have come full circle.

In the 1940's, practically anyone could get into Harvard. All it took was a few calls and the money to pay the tuition, provided that you were member of the "Old Boy" network.

This system was recognized as unfair, and it led to formation of a national standardized test: the SAT. The SAT made it possible for the best schools to really get the brightest students. It meant that if you were good, you could go anywhere.

Now, people are criticizing the SAT as biased. Some students complain that it doesn't measure their knowledge well, and others use influence to get themselves perks like unlimited time to take the test. The unbiased nature of the test is being challenged.

And once the standardized test is history, we can go back personal recommendations. A new, "Old Boy" network elite will be formed, and meritocracy will be dead.

It cannot be allowed to happen.

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