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The Therapy Sessions
Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Jonah Goldberg has a pretty hilarious critique of a NY Times (who else?) story on campus conservatives:

The teaser for the article says it all: "No taxes, no gun control -but these days blue blazers and gay bashing are not required. College conservatives have learned that by acting like everybody else, they can sway their peers and become the most influential political act on campus."

Gay bashing? Blue blazers? Yeah sure, people who disagree with strident campus liberalism are just closet authoritarians trying to look normal.

As usual, NY times misses the point.

In the Sixties, liberalism was challenging the system. But then it began to drift. The “War on Poverty” morphed into perpetual welfare, “Civil Rights” degenerated into affirmative action, and foreign policy adopted its “blame America first” mentality.

The situation is so pronounced that if liberal icon JFK were running today, he would be a Republican.

To the left, conservative college students are laughable oddities. People who vote Republican are self-centered rich people or racist rednecks. And that's all there is. They treat conservatives with such condescension - refusing to debate - that they virtually guarantee that they wil lose elections, particularly in the South and Midwest.

I disagree strongly with the Republicans on the drug policy, business policy and abortion. But I tend to vote Republican because that's where the ideas are.

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