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The Therapy Sessions
Tuesday, June 10, 2003
The silly roadmap to peace is unofficially dead. I predicted it (lots of people did), despite all kinds of media pronouncements of a "new dawn."

It was the easiest prediction I ever made.

The Palestinians were required to end terrorist attacks by this point - something they clearly haven't done. Abbas wants to negotiate with Hamas, but refuses to use force against them.

That's it. You can't "negotiate" with fiery fanatics: the only thing they understand is force.

Israel will never allow a state that can't reign in Hamas, and a Palestinian government that can't control its borders is illegitimate.

The US should do credit to the process and walk away now and let Hamas take the blame. (They won't - they will hold on until its obvious to every last imbecile in the world that roadmap has failed).

Sharon's strategy of playing for time while the Palestinians shoot themselves in the feet has worked. It's sad, but the Palestinians and their blind hatred of Jews are their own worst enemy.

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