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The Therapy Sessions
Saturday, July 26, 2003

Let Them In!

Eluding Castro's secret police, these Cuban migrants escaped their island in a truck kept afloat by drums filled with air. The driveshaft of the truck was modified so that it worked a propeller, pushing the truck through the shark-infested water at 8 mph. The truck is also fitted with living quarters.

Customs sent them back to Cuba (where they may be arrested) and sunk their truck.

This is an outrage. These people have shown enormous creativity, ingenuity and daring. I would be proud to have them as Americans. I would have them taking the oath on the spot. They might come to the US with nothing, but I guarantee you they would not be poor for long.

We could even arrange a trade! Cuba could get some our homegrown American poor. How about the homeless bum, drunk on Mad Dog, begging for quarters in front of the McDonalds with the "Help Wanted" sign in the window?

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