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The Therapy Sessions
Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Porcine Antics

I read this disturbing story about the comedian strapping a motor to dead pig and riding it around like a boat in Norway.

Animal rights nuts are, predictably, "outraged." But I'm not all that concerned about the plight of the pig. Pigs die all the time, and even if they have hard life, their suffering is worth it.

Face it: they're yummy.

I'm more worried about the apparently dismal state of Norwegian comedy (the Norwegians have always been a riot, but they never quite made it up to the standard of those wacky Finns.)

When this kind of lame-ass shit draws a hearty laugh, something's not quite right with your head. (Maybe there’s something wrong with the pickled herring?)

All of the great Norwegian comics of the past must be rolling in the graves.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it. Maybe that legendary Norwegian sense of humor is still going strong. Maybe this guy is just a jackass bore, like a Norwegian Tom Green .

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