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The Therapy Sessions
Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Three Stories From The Gulf

Of course, no good has come from the American invasion of Iraq. But it is interesting how Arab leaders are saying some curious things(Thanks to James Taranto):
JEDDAH, 21 July 2003 — Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd and Syrian President Bashar Assad expressed the hope yesterday that a legitimate government in Baghdad, acceptable to the Iraqi people, would be formed soon.

These are especially interesting words from a dictator and hereditary monarch. When was the last time either country held anything resembling a free and fair election? Their statements are being run word-for-word by their state controlled medias.

Do you think their people are asking that same question? I sure do.

Maybe someday, the celebrations in Baghdad going on today (after the deaths of Saddam's sons) will be in Riyadh, Tehran and Damascus. Let us hope.

Andrew Sullivan, though, points out that some the region's crusty despots still have the old policy down, deflecting anger at Israel and building the missiles needed to destroy it.
TEHRAN, July 20 (AFP) - Iran's supreme leader on Sunday inaugurated a new ballistic missile that brings Israel within range of the Islamic republic, hailing the event as a key moment in the defence of the Palestinian cause.

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