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The Therapy Sessions
Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Irrelevant Annan

Kofi backpedals:
United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan (search) has a message for those who have the impression that he and the world body are slanted against U.S. interests — "I'm not anti-American."

Annan, in an exclusive interview with Fox News, called that characterization unfair and unfortunate.

He still doesn't get it.

It doesn't matter if Annan is anti-American, pro-American or the Easter Bunny.

He is irrelevant.

The UN - the world body that at the very least was supposed to provide a semblance of security in dangerous world - had an opportunity with Iraq. It looked at a murderous tyrant -guilty of killing millions, threatening the stability of a key region, manufacturing frightening weaponry, and thumbing his nose at the world - and it blinked.

It did more than blink. The UN said, in effect, Saddam Hussein is fine with us.

Well, it wasn't fine with the US voter.

And it was US support that gave the UN ANY degree of legitimacy.

The UN will still have a role, but as the arbriter of international disputes, they are through.

Bye bye, UN, you bunch petty tyrants and thieves. Turn the lights off after you get done screaming about the wicked Jews.

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