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The Therapy Sessions
Sunday, January 04, 2004

A Sign Of The Times

Dispute over marshals canceled flight

A dispute between the British pilots' union and the British government over armed marshals -- not security concerns -- led to the cancellation of Friday's British Airways flight from London to Washington, a Bush administration official said Saturday...

...The British government recently announced it would require armed undercover marshals on some international flights.

The union opposes the rule, saying flying with armed marshals is dangerous. The group says the money should instead be spent on improving ground security.

Armed marshalls are more scary than terrorists? Why don't we ask the PASSENGERS which they would prefer to have aboard?

This is typical of the type of garbage that floats over from Europe. Guns are scary and uncivilized. Hijackers are something we should get used to.

And this from the Brits? Did they just get used to the IRA?

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