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The Therapy Sessions
Wednesday, January 28, 2004

The World Bomb

The Belmont Club:

The liberal sneering at the American failure to find WMD stockpiles in Iraq is like making fun of a man who, having been tested for diabetes, receives a negative result but is told that what he really has is cancer.

The US rightly feared that rogue states were developing weapons of mass destruction but did not have the breadth of imagination to conceive of the extraordinary web of cooperation between Pakistan, North Korea, European arms dealers and the Arabian states, who contributing according to their abilities, solved the problem of the atomic bomb.

We went looking for an Iraqi bomb and found an international one.

The race to prevent rogue nations from acquiring WMDs has already been lost, and the race to keep them from falling into private hands is all but. The most horrifying thing about David Kay's report is his finding that Saddam's weapons were never under his control at all, but in the actual keeping of his minions, who misled him at every turn. The componentry may now be in Syria, where, if Iraq is any guide, they are under even looser custody. If the Saudis have made no secret of their desire to buy nuclear weapons, it is only because they know that these are for sale.

It is safe to predict that the next mass attack on America will involve fission weapon of Pakistani design with a 40Kt yield, charged with uranium purified by Malaysian manufactured centrifuges from a design originally developed by Urenco in the Netherlands and probably paid for by Saudi Arabia. The World Bomb.

And what happens when New York is leveled by such a bomb?

The United States will commit genocide on an unimaginable scale: Islamabad, Tehran, Damascus, Ramallah and Riyadh will be gone. Simply gone. Ten millions of people will disappear in nuclear fire.

The US will make no effort to make better governments for Arabs; it will become national policy simply to kill them.

We have done it before. In Japan, 1945.

This is what "war mongers" like myself are trying to prevent.

"Peace loving" people are trying to act as though Arab rage can be bought off. It is misguided, and to the dictatorial mindsets of our enemies, it smells of cowardice. It is the wrong message to send them. Not for our sake, but for theirs.

We must give the Arabs an alternative to war with us. An alternative route to success. We know it as democratic governance.

It is theirs for the taking.

But there are times in history when an entire culture chooses its own destruction through war.

The Germans and Japanese did it in WWII. The South did it the Civil War. The Palestinians are doing it now.

Will the Arabs do it too?

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