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The Therapy Sessions
Saturday, March 06, 2004

Naomi Wolf's dark secret

I was shocked (shocked!) when Naomi Wolf bravely came forward and confessed that a professor had come on to her at a party 30 years ago. The fact that he put his hand on her thigh (!) must have a heavy burden all these years.

It appears that Naomi Wolf is not the only telling secrets. It appears Ms. Wolf has something to hide as well.

Iowahawk has the scoop:

Hungry Like Naomi Wolf

He was the naive on-call plumber. She was the superstar feminist clothing theorist he hoped to impress—until she hungrily ogled his butt cleavage. Two years later, he’s speaking out. But the Matriarchy still isn’t listening. A turgid story of sex, secrets, and soccer mom denial.

by Paulie Intaglio
G&G Plumbing Specialists
Long Island City, Queens
For All Your Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing Needs
Call 800-55-LEAKS

Twenty months on, I am handing over a secret to its rightful owner. I can’t bear to carry it around anymore.

In the early summer of 2002, feminist Naomi Wolf did something banal, human, and destructive: she put her unwanted gaze on the unprotected asscrack of a unsuspecting plumber —a plumber who was tasked with replacing the In-Sink-Erator model 17 3/4 HP batch feed disposal in her well appointed Manhattan kitchen.

The plumber was me, a 34-year-old journeyman with G&G Plumbing Specialist in Long Island City, Queens. Here is why I am telling this story now: I began, nearly a year ago, to try—privately—to start a conversation with my union, that would reassure me that steps had been taken to ensure that another union brother would not fall victim to this repulsive woman's unwanted ocular sexual advances. I expected her apartment Co-op board to be responsive. After nine months and many calls and e-mails, I was shocked to conclude that the atmosphere of feminist collusion that had helped to keep me quiet two years ago was still intact—and as quiet as a Crane Cranada Silent Flush commode.

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