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The Therapy Sessions
Saturday, April 03, 2004

A monstrous sainthood?

There are few things more nauseating than the Philly Inquirer's Crispin Sartwell. Here is the far-left philospher-intellectual, mentally masturbating about the selflessness of the suicide bomber: Terrorism: A monstrous sainthood
A suicide bomber is an idealist, a holy person with an absolute commitment to God, a moralist with an absolute courage of conviction. In short, the suicide bomber is a most extraordinary person.

In any era, and particularly in ours, truly selfless action is rare, and many thinkers (for example, Adam Smith and Ayn Rand, in the spirit of capitalism) have denied that it is possible at all. But in every era, people - especially the young - yearn for selflessness, yearn to transcend or overcome the self and merge into something greater. They yearn to show by a heroic act that they are not merely self-interested and that they are dedicated in the most serious way to helping their people, all people, or the world.

It is a romantic yearning, and though selflessness is at its heart, it also acts as a claim to be recognized as extraordinary.

Enough! It's too disgusting watching a self-absorbed "thinker" purposefully ignore the human suffering that terrorism causes!

Dimwit: the suicide bomber is a mass murderer. He kills defenseless people because he thinks he (as an individual) will get to heaven, where he will selflessly recieve his 72 virgins. He is a petty tyrant, striking out at a world in the stupidest, most violent way he can.

He is no saint.

We have no choice but to kill him before he kills others.

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