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The Therapy Sessions
Saturday, April 17, 2004


So who will be the next new leader of Hamas?

Hamas leader killed in Gaza City blast

Ah, Rantisi. We hardly got to know you. Nice work, Israel - It is good the Jewish state is taking out the trash in such a timely fashion.

Jeez, the Palis haven't even retaliated for the assasination of the murderous scumbag Yassin yet!

I know they wanted to, but something prevented them.

Couldn't have been that ten-foot concrete wall, could it?


UPDATE: Rantisi is still dead. The Arab street is enraged!

Gee, I never saw that coming. You never read stories about how the Arab street is filled with "mirth," "unrestrained glee" or "whimsical delight," do you?

Mirth? Isn't that the same crap that the cheapest of the three kings tried to pawn off on the baby Jesus?

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