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The Therapy Sessions
Saturday, April 03, 2004

No draft needed

Very good news: Army divisions hit re-up targets
Army divisions that fought the past 12 months in Iraq have met virtually every re-enlistment goal, a sign that the all-volunteer force remains strong under the stress of frequent deployments and hazardous duty....

•The 101st Airborne, which sent helicopter-borne soldiers to Baghdad's eastern flank and then patrolled northern Iraq, has achieved 107 percent of its retention mark.

•The 4th Infantry Division arrived in Iraq after Baghdad fell April 9. It was assigned the toughest-to-tame corridor, from Baghdad to Tikrit, as soldiers took down scores of cells of pro-Saddam insurgents and led the operation to capture Saddam himself Dec. 13. New numbers showed it achieved 117 percent of its retention goals.

•The 3rd Infantry division led the three-week charge from Kuwait to Baghdad, then battled insurgents in the Iraqi capital before turning the job over to the 1st Armored Division from Germany.

•The 1st Armored Division is now vacating Baghdad after mounting months of counterinsurgency operations to break up more than 20 pro-Saddam cells. The division reports it met 120 percent of its re-enlistment goals the past six months.

The US owes everything to these men and women. They are heroes.

I suspect that the National Guard will not meet its goals, and I can understand that. But this is very good news nonetheless.

Link found via Q and O.

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