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The Therapy Sessions
Monday, May 24, 2004

Principal attack

Interesting story, but an appalling headline, from Joe Kelley:
Teen appeals school ouster for pie facial

The parents of a Danbury High School honor student are appealing the 80-day expulsion he received after winning a contest that allowed him to throw a pie in his principal's face at a school assembly.

Blake Molnar, 15, a sophomore at the Ottawa County school, has not attended classes since April 30, when he pushed the aluminum tin filled with whipped cream into Karen Abbott's face. Ms. Abbott told Danbury Township police that her face, neck, and nose hurt because of the incident, and she asked that the boy be charged with assault.

I agree with Joe: these kinds of "throw a pie at your principal money raising affairs" - are an invitation to this sort of thing.

I'm surprised that this doesn't happen more frequently.

I can just see myself as the kid, being egged on by all my friends, to get the principal good.

Better to overdo it and become the school hero...

Hit your principal with a pie contests? What a dumb idea.

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