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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, May 20, 2004

Withdrawal from Korea?

From The Marmot's (Final) Hole via Instapundit: U.S. Studying Plans For Almost Complete USFK Withdrawal

As the U.S. pushes for reductions in U.S. troops in Korea, the Congressional Board Office concretely studied three USFK reduction plans and reported them to the U.S. Senate, the Munhwa Ilbo reported Thursday.

Keeping U.S. ground forces at their current strength of 27,000, but moving them to rear positions south of Ye Olde Han; Slashing the total number of U.S. ground forces in Korea roughly by half to 13,000; withdrawing nearly all U.S. ground forces from Korea, leaving behind only about 1,000 men.

Granted, the South Koreans - like the Europeans - live lavishly under free defense, provided by Americans.

But the South Koreans haven't completely sold their armed forces for scrap like the Euros have. A number of South Koreans realize that they live next door to a nutjob.

It would nice to remind them of their responsibility for their own defense, but I don't know if this strikes me as such as a hot idea. It sends the wrong message to Kim Jong Il and to tyrants around the world: when the going gets tough, the Americans get lost?

It doesn't sound right to me.

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