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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, June 10, 2004

Great tourism promoter

What a great town name! Fucking, Austria

Apparently people keep stealing any signs with their town name on it. I wonder why.

And get this:
See also
Pussy, France The small village of Pussy, is located in the commune of La Léchère in the Savoie département of France, not far from Moûtiers.
The name derives from the Gallo-Roman name Pusiacum, from pusus meaning little boy.

Lying near the Isère River and the mountain of Mont Bellachat, the village boundary covers 1755 hectares (6.8 square miles). The local church, dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, was rebuilt in 1669.

Condom, France Condom is a village in the French département of Gers, of which it is a sous-préfectures. Interestingly, it is located on the river Baïse; baise (without the diaeresis) is a French vulgarism for a sex act.
See also:

Lost, Scotland Lost (population: less than two dozen)
The tiny hamlet lies 40 miles (65 kilometers) west of Aberdeen in the Cairngorm mountains of northeast Scotland, near the village of Bellabeg where the Water of Nochty feeds into the River Don.

The name comes from a Celtic word meaning inn; today the hamlet has a few houses, a war memorial and a farm.

Due to its unusual name the hamlet has suffered a serious problem ever since it was mentioned in guidebooks several years ago. Signs with its name disappear on a regular basis (see street sign theft). This is a problem as the signs cost around 100 pounds (US$185) each to replace.

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