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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, June 10, 2004

Meat eaters strike back

Meat-eaters dig in at school
Jad Carson felt oppressed.

It's tough, he says, to be a right-leaning, meat-munching student at George School, where lefties are the majority and vegetarians a vocal and sizable force.

That is why a whimsical thought of like-minded fellow senior Barry Gessner grew into a mutual goal:

The duo decided their Quaker school in Newtown Township needed a support group for those who see cows as feasts, not friends.

And so, earlier this school year, MEAT was born. That's short for Mammals Eating Animals Today.

At a recent meeting, or "meating" as members call them, participants gnawed babyback ribs. After a hand-washing break, they discussed the differences between the pro-protein Atkins and South Beach diets and passed around articles supporting their view that eating animals is natural and healthy.

Natural. Haealthy. And YUMMY!

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