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The Therapy Sessions
Saturday, July 10, 2004

Dismantling the fence and other fantasies...

Oh brother....
UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- Following their victory in the U.N.'s highest court, the Palestinians will ask the General Assembly next week to demand that Israel destroy the barrier it is building to seal off the West Bank.

After Friday's ruling by the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands, that the barrier violates international law, the Palestinians and their Arab supporters said they will seek a resolution enforcing the decision.

In a sharply worded advisory opinion, the court said Israel should tear down the barrier, compensate Palestinians harmed by the structure and return property confiscated for its construction.

The court urged the U.N. General Assembly and the Security Council to consider "what further action is required to bring to an end to the illegal situation."

So the world will hold its breath...Will Israel comply?

Do we really even have to watch the media act like there is any chance?

The fence has choked off Palestinian attacks almost completely. They once averaged several a week, but now they have slowed to a trickle. I can't even remember the last attack to take place inside Israel.

That fence is going nowhere becuase it is saving Israeli lives.

For years, Israel had urged the UN to do something about the terrorism coming from the PA. The UN was eager to blame Israel whenever it retailiated, but it never could work up more than an "expression of concern" about Arafat's larval terrorrist state.

Now, Israel has taken the matter into its own hands, and the country clearly doesn't give a shit what the UN thinks.

The UN is, once again, irrelevant.

A government must control the use of its territory. The PA failed that test. Arafat was -at the very least - allowing his territory to be used for attacks inside Israel. In all probablity, Arafat's role was more active than that: a large body of evidence indicates that Arafat helped coordinate attacks to achieve political effects.

Those attacks were acts of war.

Arafat was either unable or unwilling to deal with them, so Israel has.

On its own terms.

Arafat's duplicity has been countered by Israeli resolve. Israel has raised the stakes, and there is little evidence that Arafat will be able to match: his key weapon - more terrorism - has been taken from him.

Evidence of the growing impotence of the terrorists? The inability of Hamas to even respond the back-to-back murders of its two leaders, Yassin and Rantisi.

Can democracy be brought to its knees by terrorism?

The evidence from Israel and the US is a firm no.

Unfortunately, the unhelpful answer from Europe is the opposite.

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