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The Therapy Sessions
Friday, July 02, 2004

Tipping for takeout?

An argument I'd like continue here, from Raging Kraut:
Do you tip restaurants for takeout?

I'm not talking about McDonald's or Wendy's here - I'm talking about a nice, sit-down restaurant that has a take out menu.

I phoned.
I placed the order.
I went to go get the order when it was ready.

I got handed the credit card slip when I paid for my meal and the "tip" and "total" boxes were unfilled. The subtotal above "tip" was the cost of the meal and taxes. I filled out "-" for the tip and just carried the subtotal down to the total box and then signed my name.

And waited to see the reaction: a momentary glance and eyes full of judgement. If I didn't already have my food in boxes, I'm sure the hostess would've spit in it.

Why do I have to tip for takeout. Eating in is different, I'm being served, and the wait staff can determine how enjoyable my meal is going to be. The delivery guy also deserves a couple of bucks if he's bringing food to my door. What did the restaurant do for me that I have to tip when I pick up food?

Am I totally out of line here? Comments people, comments!

I admit to my shame (credit?) that I have tipped at takeout, but I guess I don't plan to do it in the future. Am I evil?

I once worked as a waiter. Jesus, that is the worst job ever, and most of my pay was in tips.

However, the reason it was a crappy job was that I had to serve people.

Packing food into boxes is different.

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