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The Therapy Sessions
Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Carter seals Kerry's doom

It is odd that in a time when national security is again a priority, the Democrats are letting Jimmy Carter out of his cage. He is doing some kind of victory lap, like the events of the last few years vindicate him.

That is, recent events vindicate Jimmy Carter's roll-over-and-show-your-neck approach to terrorists.

Once your done laughing, though, consider: next to having Michael Moore and John Kerry sharing a podium, this is the best thing that could happen for Republicans.

If I were Terry McAulliff, I would put Carter under house arrest.

Here he goes again:Carter Predicts Florida Poll Will Again Be Flawed:
Former President Jimmy Carter, who has monitored elections throughout the developing world, predicted on Monday the U.S. presidential vote in Florida would be as flawed as the 2000 poll there.

In Jimmy's world, a leftist military thug like Hugo Chavez can take power and dismantle the machinery of a democracy. He can threaten his neighbors with invasion. He can beat his political opponents and prevent them from advertising. Chavez can "overwhelmingly win" an election that opinion polls and exit polls had him losing in double digits.

That's fair. In Carter's world.

Florida is tightly divided - voters separated by a fraction of a percent - and it's impossibly flawed and corrupt.

Of course, Carter says nothing about the 20,000 New York residents - mostly Democrats - who are registered to vote in New York AND Florida, many of whom are requesting absentee ballots. This is also an issue Carter should concern himself with.

But he won't, becuase this kind of cheating helps Democrats.

No, Florida is flawed because it is tilting toward Bush.

Of course, if Florida votes for Kerry, all this will change. Carter will do an immediate about face.

I hope Kerry wins Florida but loses Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa and Minnesota.

That would be hilarious.

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