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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, November 11, 2004

Blog Explosion

I really can't stress enough how impressed I am with Blog Explosion.

It has tripled my blog traffic very quickly.

It works like this: the more Blog Explosion member blogs you view (for a minimum of 30 seconds - there is a timer in the upper left corner), the more credits you earn (make sure you are getting credits!). The more credits you have, the more blogs are directed your way.

It is a huge blog circle, and it is going to get much bigger. For one simple reason: it works. I've seen a lot of great blogs. (Unfortunately, I've been neglecting my regular reads - sorry!)

I heartily recommend it to everyone. If you could, tell them I sent you and use this referral code: ( http://www.blogexplosion.com/index.php?ref=rogersjf )

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