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The Therapy Sessions
Monday, November 08, 2004

The world hates us

And they are united:World Leaders Adapt to Bush Win:
In dramatic proof of the changes in Moscow in the past 20 years, Putin said a victory for Bush would mean the United States had not allowed itself to be cowed by terrorists. 'If Bush wins, then I can only feel joy that the American people did not allow itself to be intimidated, and made the most sensible decision,' he told a Kremlin news conference.

Berlusconi, also in Moscow, said that if re-elected 'Bush will continue with the policy that assigns the United States the role of defender and promoter of freedom and democracy.'

In Poland, which like Italy has troops in Iraq backing U.S. forces, President Aleksander Kwasniewski said that on terrorism Bush 'is a very decisive leader who is right, simply right' and that continued cooperation with him was 'really good news.'

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