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The Therapy Sessions
Thursday, January 20, 2005

Weird turn of events

It's funny how life works...

A few weeks ago, I was reading some article in a newspaper about blogging. It seemed there was some new controversy or something: the Dean campaign had hired bloggers to help get the word out. Ho hum.

I did manage to read just far enough to see who was on the payroll. The DailyKos and Jerome Armstrong.

I was in the Peace Corps with a Jerome Armstrong, I thought.

We used to play volleyball. We secretly played chess to pass the boredom in the endless training sessions we were forced to attend. He kicked my ass at poker at a beach house reunion some of us volunteers had. We argued politics quite a bit, and we rarely agreed.

Could it be the same guy?

I did a Google Image search. Yep. It's him, alright.

The fucker is running a blog that gets about 7,000 hits a day (it takes two months for me to get that number of visitors).

Yes, my old friend Jerome. He's a Deaniac....but he's still a good guy.

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